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With us, you will :

  • Learn to communicate in everyday situations in shops, at the doctor's, at the post office, etc. You will learn how to ask your way around, and get information in a variety of situations.
  • Learn or perfect your language abilities in order to reach French fluency so you can chat easily with your neighbors, converse in professional French, speak with your child's teachers, volunteer in an association, or participate in a French club.
  • Perfect your comprehension skills of both written and oral media : newspapers, radio, television, culture, the cinema, etc.
  • Perfect your skills in grammar, phonetics, written French, etc.
  • Also, choose to learn French for specific needs : job interviewing, business French, etc.
  • Or, register at the university, pass a French exam (TCF, DILF, DELF, DALF)
  • Share your impressions with others on your new life in Nîmes, your hopes and difficulties, your projects and ambitions.
  • With us you'll find help and support to facilitate administrative procedures, organisational or logistical issues that require certain knowledge in dealing with French administration.
  • Exchange your ideas with others on new discoveries, walks, weekend activities, hiking trails, culture and gastronomy. Participate in cultural events, learn about monuments and local festivities; stay informed on all current festivals, the essential events in the region and learn how to best enjoy them.
  • Share experiences and funny stories with fellow students from different countries.
  • Meet the French, the residents of Nîmes, wine industry professionals, specialists in gastronomy, culture, life in the city and the surrounding area.

Our language school is a meeting place for exchange with people from a variety of countries for a "rencontre internationale," where the French language becomes your key to integration and enrichment.... So we hope to meet with you soon !