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Our Team

Are you spending some time in Nîmes, in the heart of "le Sud" ? Perhaps you are moving here ?
Great choice, as you will discover a region bursting with life and overflowing with culture.
Make the most of your stay - come and learn, improve or perfect your French at RENCONTRE INTERNATIONALE. We are specialists in teaching French as a foreign language, to people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities. Whether you are a young au-pair, newly arrived worker or early retiree seeking a late change in life, we are here for you.
the school has the status of “Private Establishment of Higher Education” in France.
Address : Ville Active - Plentiful free parking - buses I and D (stop "Prouvé")

At RENCONTRE INTERNATIONALE you will find a warm welcome, a friendly and supportive environment, and a highly experienced, motivated and enthusiastic teaching staff, keen to share their love and knowledge of the region.
Group excursions and educational activities include visits (e.g. guided tours of Nîmes), outings and meetings with professionals, craftsmen and artists at their workshops and studios - from the worlds of wine, food and gastronomy, to those of journalism, literature, the arts, cinema, and business.

Presentation of the center

A dynamic center and warm atmosphere in a lively retail park, with a friendly team that strives for natural cultural and linguistic integration. We are committed to welcoming students and ensuring their well-being. Between 5 to 12 people per class. Resource center and Internet available with open, free access.

Presentation of the city

At the crossroads of the Camargue, Provence and the Cevennes, Nîmes offers a vast range of rich historical, cultural, gastronomical and architectural delights. You will soon feel at ease in this medium-sized town where a lesson in history is to be found on every corner.

Educational approach of the Center

Our teachers use lively and effective teaching methods with the help of various original approaches and ideas. We use a rigorously established curriculum in the spirit of continuity and adaptation to the students’ different levels. The levels and programs have been established in harmony with the European Union’s frame of reference.

Presentation of services (lodging and culture)

Host families are available on demand. The center is located in a hotel district and retail park close to a large variety of food outlets. There are a number of large, free car parks and less than a minute away is a leisure center.
The center is in partnership with local tourism agencies, enabling students to benefit from reduced tariffs. There are 3 bus lines running directly into the town center.

Advantages of the Center

This is a human-sized center in an historic city. Close attention is paid to each and every individual. Structured visits, workshops and internships targeted to specific areas of French are available, in conjunction with meetings with academics and professionals (for example, vocabulary or specific subjects such as Ancient History).


A truly “international encounter” in the heart of the south