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RencontreInternationale is the first language centre in theGard approved by the CIEP under the supervision of the Ministry of National Education, no. 017DILF0017, for the award of the DILF (except for those operating the CAI contract (Le contratd'accueil et d'intégration)).

This diploma validates the first stages in learning French and assesses the beginner’s competence in oral and written comprehension and expression. The DILF is positioned at level A1.1, belowthe CECRL’s Level A1.
This new national diploma allows the beginner in French to show that they have a basic knowledge of the language. Taught via a process which is positive and rewarding, it is suitable for those preparing for integration, and/or returning to work and who want to validate their levels of French.
This new exam is part of and complements the range of diplomas in French for non-French-speakers. It is therefore a first step towards the DELF and DALF, mandatory for applications to academic or professional institutions.

Our teachers have the training, skills and experience not only to teach but also to examine and mark this new diploma.

Courses of from 2 to 10 hours will be provided prior to each exam sessionaccording to the level of the trainee.
(Rates: €60 / 10 hours of training, on two or three days during the week before the examination – minimum size of group 5 trainees.

School registration hours: Monday to Friday (except Wednesday) from 9: 30 to 12: 30